Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Scottish Episcopal Church follows United States on Gay priests

There are a lot of good Scottish-American links and ties, but this is one that I'm not exactly thrilled about. The Scottish Episcopal Church has announced that being homesexual is not a bar to ordination. Actually, that would not be so bad, but they actually say being a practicing homosexual should not be a bar to ordination as a priest, and so follow the Episcopal Church in the United States. Here's the story from the BBC:

Scottish Church Supports Gay Ordination

It seems the Bible doesn't matter any more. I don't deny people the right to believe what they believe, but why do they have to call themselves Christian...biblically, the Scottish Episcopal Church is heading towards apostasy, so why claim the Bible as their guiding light...why not simply admit that they are making up their own faithm, and be done with it, rather than claiming to be something the are definitionally notm (the Bible being the source of the definition and descriptiuon of a true church). The Church of England is a bit of a mess just now, and the best thing Archbishop Rowan Williams could do would be to take the advice of the African and Asian communions (and the evangelical wing back in England, though thyis group is diminishing, I would say, with the death of Stott, Packer leaving, and so on). Get back to the foundations of the church, ideally to the teaching of the 39 articles, and the Church of England may again perhaps become somewhere that a Ryle could be happy again.


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