Friday, March 25, 2005

Evolving Standards of (In)Decency?

Excellent short article by William Kristol:

Evolving Standards of Decency

Init he summarises many of the most disquieting problems about the Terri Schaivo case, noting the willingness of the Supreme Court to overrule the states on the death penalty for murderers, but not, it seems, on the death penalty for fraglie defenseless, innocent women who may or may not (probably not) have said in a passing moment they wouldn't want to live with artificial medical support, based on the word of an unfaithful husband. At the time of writing, it seems very much as though Terri has run out of options, and her tireless, courageous family are going to be left heartbroken by a court system that should have served them far better...

See also the other articles in today's weekly standard on the case:

The ABCs of Media Bias by Fred Barnes (on the spin the media gave about Terri, not covering the facts much at all, except from Michael Schaivo's perspective - nothing about her true state, the many doctors willing to state she was not in PVS, the fact the main doctor who's testimony the court accepted that she was is a evehment euthaniasia supporter, and so on, and so on..)

How Liberalism Failed Terri Schiavo by Eric Cohen

The Politics of the Schiavo Case by Jeffrey Bell and Frank Cannon

The last paragraph of the last article:

The judicial confirmation debate will now unavoidably be about whether democratic decision-making on abortion should continue to be prohibited by our courts and (effectively) by the American legal profession. From the beginning, those who believed Roe would corrupt the rule of law feared that state sanction of private killing would put all public order and all private restraint in doubt. The fate of Terri Schiavo makes clear that those fears were utterly on target.

Terri's case is jet another stumble down a slippery slope that America stated on over 30 years ago...


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