Friday, June 24, 2005

Resources on Stem Cell Research

This is a topic I'm looking at a bit just now, as important as it is and as controversial just now. I thought I would go ahead and share the good resources I've found so far, on nop particular order"

Embryonic Stem Cell Misconceptions by R. Henry Williams

The Real Promise of Stem Cell Research by Dr. David Prentice

Yes, for Adult Stem Cell Research by Barbara Quigley

"Ethical" Embryonic Stem Cell Research? by Daniel McConchie

Stem Cell News That Isn't Fit For Print: The mainstream media is ignoring promising news about adult stem cell research By Wesley J. Smith

The Wrong Tree: Embryonic stem cells are not all that by Wesley J. Smith

Of Stem Cells and Fairy Tales: Scientists who have been telling Nancy Reagan that embryonic stem cell research could cure Alzheimer's now admit that it isn't true by Wesley J. SMith

A Stem Cell Tale: Why one type of stem-cell research gets fawning media coverage by Wesley J. Smith

Stem-Cell Sleight of Hand: Mario Cuomo Accuses President Bush Of Letting Religion Run His Stem-Cell Policy, But Bush Isn't The One Ignoring Actual Science by Wesley J. Smith

The “Wrong” Cure: Adult stem cells get the shaft
by Wesley J. Smith

The Continuing Controversy over Stem Cells by Dr. Ray Bohlin

Is Embryonic Stem Cell Research Morally Complex? by Scott Klusendorf

Embryo Stem Cell Research Help by Scott Klusendorf (scroll down the page to find the link - requires a free subscripion)

Harvesting the Unborn: The Ethics of Embryo Stem Cell Research by Scott Klusendorf

The Confusing Moral Logic of Embryonic Stem Cell Research by Greg Koukl (requires free subscription)

Are You Against Stem Cell Research and Cloning? by Steve Wagner

Cure Me Even If You Kill - A Response to Michael Kinley by Steve Wagner

Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Means and Ends by Greg Koukl

Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity Stem Cell Articles
by various authors (a lot here!)

Do No Harm (lots of resources on Stem Cell Resaerch here too!)

As always, I'll add more as I find them.


Blogger Chip Nelson said...

Welcome to America from the heart of Dixie!

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Blogger Paul said...

A little belated, but here's one of mine that might be of interest:
Ron Reagan Jr. and the Embryonic Stem Cell Shuffle

8:51 PM  

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