Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Wesley Smith on Terri Schaivo

This is my last post on Terri Schiavo I expect, and is simply a couple of excellent links. The reason I started this blog was to vent when everything was still happening in the courts regarding the situation, but there is no real profit in keeping posting, for no minds will be changed, as Smith says, from continuing to sift through her ashes.

His final paragraph hits the mark of where it all leaves us:

We are in danger as a society of accepting the odious notion that there is such a thing as a life unworthy of life. True, the advocacy pushing us toward this end isn't generally steeped in the language of hate as it was when we ventured down this path before. But just because the lexicon of the culture of death and bioethics are often steeped in "compassion" and a supposed regard for individual autonomy, doesn't make these emerging attitudes less dangerous or insidious. Or to put it another way, actions speak louder than words.

also read: John Leo, An Autopsy Won't Change It


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