Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Abortion Resources

This is as much for me as anything else, so as with the Da Vinci Code Resources, I'm going to list resources on other issues of the day that concern Christians so that I have a handy links page to things I've found useful. The List is by noe means exhuastive, but if you read through the resources here, you will be pretty well prepared to discuss abortion with others in a cogent, biblical manner:

General Sites

Pro Life Training from Scott Klusendorf

Abortion Resources from Stands to Reason

Center for Bio-Ethical Reform


Arguments Against and Responses to Abortion

Answering the Arguments for Abortion Rights: Part One: The Appeal to Pity Francis J. Beckwith

Answering the Arguments for Abortion Rights Part Two: Arguments from Pity, Tolerance, and Ad Hominem Francis J. Beckwith

Answering the Arguments for Abortion Rights: Part Three: Is the Unborn Human Less Than Human? Francis J. Beckwith

Answering the Arguments for Abortion Rights: Part Four: When Does a Human Become a Person? Francis J. Beckwith

How To Defend Your Pro Life Views in Five Minutes Scott Klusendorf

Toddler Tactics Scott Klusendorf

Abortion Debate: A Short Defense of the Pro Life Position Scott Klusendorf

Five Bad Ways to Argue About Abortion Scott Klusendorf

An Argument Against Abortion Paul Cox

The Pro-Life High Ground: Effective Arguments to Pro-Choice Arguments Richard Land

Fifteen Pro-Life Truths to Speak John Piper

10 Reasons Why It Is Wrong to Take the Life of an Unborn Child John Piper

Life and Abortion: A Pro Life Defense in Dialogue Form John Crandall

A Back to School Survival Guide Scott Klusendorf

Why Pro Life Advocates Should Not Link Abortion to Contraception Scott Klusendorf

What can the Average Person do to Stop Abortion Scott Klusendorf

Abortion : A Failure to Communicate Paul Swope

One Issue Politics, One Issue Marriage and the Humane Society John Piper

Standing for Life Tom Schreiner

Abortion and Human Rights by Greg Koukl

Pro Life: The Epitome of Bologna by Greg Koukl

Problem of Heaps by Greg Koukl

I’m Pro Choice by Greg Koukl

Abortion and Brunch by Greg Koukl

The Moral Logic of Being Pro Choice by Greg Koukl

Babies and Begonias by Greg Koukl

Trespassing in the Womb by Greg Koukl

Unstringing the Violinsit by Greg Koukl

Abortion Sue Bohlin

Arguments Against Abortion Kerby Anderson

Abortion Facts and Counter Arguments Massimo Lorenzini

The Bible and Abortion

Why is the New Testament Silent on Abortion by Micael Gorman

Abortion: Biblical Consideration Donal P O’Mathuna

Argument for the Silent: A Biblical Case Against Abortion by Robert Bowman

Answering the Theological Case for Abortion by Scott Klusendorf

Dead Silence: Must The Bible Say Abortion is Wrong Before We Know It Is? By Scott Klusendorf

Exodus 21 and Abortion John Piper

The Biblical View on Abortion John MacArthur

What Exodus 21:22 Says About Abortion by Greg Koukl

Is Violence a Response?

Killing Abortionists: A Symopsium

Killing Abortionists by Greg Koukl

Does Pro Life Rhetoric Lead to Violence Scott Klusendorf

A Pro Life Loss of Nerve James F Fitzpatrick

Pro Lifers in the Horms of a False Dilemma by Greg Koukl

Complicated Circumstances

What if She Was Raped? Steve Wagner

What of Mother’s Life In Danger Steve Wagner

Rape and Abortion by Greg Koukl

Life Before Birth

How Should Pro Lifers Feel About Fetal Pain? Steve Wagner

No One Knows When Life Begins Steve Wagner

Facing up to Infanticide J Bottum

Infanticide for Beginners James Neuchterlein

Are All Human Persons? A New Assault on Human Dignity Albert Mohler

A Smile from the Womb David Koyzis

Fetal Development : From Conception to Birth

Does a Fetus have a Soul? by Greg Koukl

Murder is OK for the Unborn? by Greg Koukl

Fetal Personhood,: It’s Simple by Greg Koukl

The Murder of a Fetus by Greg Koukl

Abortion Bioethics and Personhood: A Reflection Beckwith

An Open Letter to the Star Tribune John Piper

Life: Defining the Beginning by the End by Maureen Condic

When Do Human Beings Begin? Dianne Irving

Neonaticide by Greg Koukl

Partial Birth Abortion

Partial Birth Abortion Kerby Anderson

Partial Birth Abortion Transcripts

Partial Birth Abortions: Misunderstandings and Objections by Greg Koukl

Partial Birth Abortion is not About Abortion by Greg Koukl

Nothing Hidden in the D&X by Greg Koukl

Stepping Over the Line by Greg Koukl

Roe v. Wade

The Women of Roe Vs Wade Mary Ann Glendon

Roe vs McCorvey Norma McCorvey

Roe: 25 Years Later (First Things)

Harvesting Human Parts

The Sanctity of Human Life: Harvesting Human Fetal Parts Ray Bohlin

Baby Parts for Profit by Greg Koukl

Uncategorized/General Aricles

Abortion Information Sarah Jane Head

The Gospel According to Jane Roe: Abortion Rights and the Reshaping of Evangelical Theology Russell Moore

Pictures and the Use of Visuals (be aware these are graphic)

Why Pro Life Advocates Should Use Visual Aids Scott Klusendorf

Abortion Photos Center for Bio-Ethical Reform

Prolife America 3D/4D Ultrasound Photos

100 Abortion Pictures

Legal Issues

Is Abortion Legal All 9 Months? by Steve Wagner


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