Thursday, June 09, 2005

Scots are the most neighbourly people in Scotland (not surprising!)

The story is at the BBC here.

The Scots scored highest of the eleven regions in Britain measured by the Halifax Insurance company, scoring 100 out of a possible 121 (the lowest were the North East of England, scoring 41, and London, scoring 46 - 100 seems pretty impressive!). Here's a description of the theory:

We looked at factors such as strength of friendship with neighbours, the extent to which we would seek advice from neighbours, the sense of safety and security within neighbourhoods and a variety of other measures. What the results reflect is the enduring human need for a sense of belonging with others around them.

We then rated each region based on the responses and from this were able to create a map of British neighbourliness which represents a fascinating insight into community relations in Britain today.

A quick WAHEY for us Scots, I would say!!!


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