Tuesday, April 26, 2005

How can politicians just lie and lie?

Maybe I'm just naieve, but why is it that poiticians state over and over things they know not to be true? Shouldn't they be held accountable, or do we just not care, accepting it as part of the way politics is? In a recent article by Rich Lowry (who is becoming one of my favourite commentators), it is noted that Sanator George Mitchell, former Democratic Senate majority leader, stated recently that neither he nor any of his colleagues would ever have tried to get rid of the filibister like the Republicans are now. hmmmm. Lowry then points out that in 1994 Mitchell stated to CNN that the filibuster should be severely curtailed. And as I noted in an earlier post, in 1995 Democrats intorduced an attempt to limit it in the extreme (with the support of Kerry, Lieberman and Kennedy). In other words, the Senator (unless severely limited in his memory), knowingly lied. Am I the only one who is appalled and disgusted? From the lack of commentary on the way politicians act, there don't seem to be many. It would be nice if the culture would change and lying politicians would be held truly accountable.

Oh well, just an annoyed post...


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