Friday, April 22, 2005

Cookie Monster, Catholicism and Political Correctness

This article by Jonathan Goldberg is very funny! Sesame Street has changed some of the fundamental reasons for Cookie Monster's existence in order to be more politically changing his focus, Goldberg argues, they make him act contrary to his nature!!

It's a funny post, but I can't help but see parallels with my previous one. In expecting the Catholic Church to change to adapt to modern society and liberal pressures and agendas, they are trying to get the Roman Catholic Church to go contrary to it's nature, just like they've caused PBS to do with Sesame Street's Cookie Monster. Thing is, they're apoplectic because they haven't had the same success with Roman Catholicism as they've had with children's programs! And don't they realise how unfair they are being. Asking the Catholic Church to go pro-choice and support the homosexual agenda would be like asking the liberal commentators to be nice, balanced and judicious in the columns. I sure don't expect change any time soon from the liberal columnists, and they shouldn't be surprised at the lack of change by the Roman Catholic Church.

Update: Another short article, Is The Pope A Catholic. It seemed to come as a surprise to some.


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