Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Apologetics - My Goals

I've been reading on apologetics lately, and two articles online that I think are good in outlining the needs and goals of apologetics. First, is Matthew Slick's article at his excellent CARM (Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry)website, Eight Reasons Why We Need Apologetics. The reasons are:

  • 1. It is commanded

  • 2. It helps Christians know their faith

  • 3. It attempts to keep people out of hell

  • 4. It helps counteract the bad press Christianity is often given

  • 5. It helps combat apostasy in the church

  • 6. It helps combat false ideas in the culture

  • 7. it helps combat immorality in society

  • 8. The schools are very biased against Christianity

  • The second article is Doug Groothuis' Christian Apologetics Manifesto 2003: Sixteen Theses. I won't outline the theses here, but the impetus behind them is covered in an introductory paragraph:

    Because of (a) the waning influence of the Christian worldview in public and private life in America today, (b) the pandemic of anti-intellectualism in the contemporary church, and (c) the very command of God himself to further divine truth, I strongly advise that the following statements be wrestled with and responded to by all followers of Jesus Christ.

    Having read these, and many other articles, I am aiming to cover several areas of apologetics in the coming months, perhaps taking one area every two weeks or month (depending on time), and writing posts on thoses themes. This is primarily for me, and if noone else reads this, that's fine, as my primary aim is in preparing myself as a good soldier ready always for the apologetic battle. If others benefit, so much the better. My first themes are lilely to cover ethical areas, such as abortion, euthanasia, stem-cell research, homosexuality, and so on. As I go, I will hopefully end up with a good grasp of each area myself, some helpful posts on the subjects, and links to helpful resources. In ever darker days with ever bigger challenges from anti-Christian elements of our society, I for one want to be prepared.


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