Sunday, April 03, 2005

I saw a play...

last night at the school connected to our church, and it was powerful.

The theme was abortion, and I was amzed just how well the kids did (juniors and seniors in High School), and how it impacted not only yhe audience but the kids themselves, as they testified afterwards. It included some of the most pertinent facts, including photos of aborted babies (I refuse the word fetuses) in the second and third trimesters (fully formed, and obviously human), details of the procedures used to kill them, details of the fact that babies are born and taken to have the parts harvested, and sometimes when opened up, their hearts are still beating! There is no other conclusion other than the fact we are barbaric, when we kill our children, our weakest, most helpless children. Shame on us, and we will have an enormous price to pay. And for the 7 judges who voted in Ro v. Wade to allow abotion (i.e. musdre of babies) legal, what a responsibility they will hold before God.

I also came across this report of Matt Drudge's firing from Fox, bacuase he wanted to run a story on his show about a 21 week old baby (in the womb) who was having surgery for spina bifida...the photo at the site show the perfectly formed hand of this 21 week old unborn holding the doctor's hand.

Shame on us, and God forgive us...


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