Friday, April 01, 2005

James White on Terri Schaivo - Darwin Killed Terri

James White writes that he hadn't written until this point because everyone else was saying it all anyway (unlike me, who started a blog, even if little read, because I couldn't help but vent) In this blog entry, James White echoes a thought I had as I was writing my last post...that Terri's death is a result of Darwinism. As I wrote that the common theme in abortion and the death of Terri Schiavo was that we were killing the most helpless and defenseless among us, it struck me that this seems a simple result of survival of the fittest. James White's point, however, is that Darwinism simply sees us all as animals, biological accidents, and therefore not anything inherently worthy of fighting for. Indeed, reading some of the commentary, many bioethicists seem to think that Terri was no longer even a person. As White concludes

Terri Schiavo is gone, but the forces that killed her are not only still with us, but they are now setting their sights upon doing more and more to continue to suppress the truth of God in culture.

The battle is only just beginning...


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