Thursday, March 31, 2005

N. T. Wright on Gay Ordination and the Scottish Episcopal Church

I appreciate N. T. Wright's defense of the Christian faith and the resurrection. I am not at all supportive of his work on the so-called New Perspective. Whatever your fellings about him (and he as a very gifted man), as the fourth ranking bishop in the Church of England, his opinion on matters such as the American and Scottish Episcopal Churches' support of gay ordination is worthy of consideration. Here is his response to questions on the issue while at Pittsburg Theological Seminary this week:

"We're looking at questions of how you hold the church together when that happens," Wright said. "Only secondary is the question of homosexuality."

Very intersting comment - outward church unity comes above doctrinal and biblical truth. Sure, homosexuality is not as fundamental as issues such as the resurrection and substitutionary atonement, for example, but it's there, and it's clear...such a stance, if held church wide, can only result in both church disunity and theological and biblical error.


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