Tuesday, March 29, 2005

John Leo on Terri Schiavo

Came across this column from Wesley Smith's blog Leo makes some excellent and incisive points in his column, and the whole is worth reading. Quoting John Neuhaus on the decline of ethics in general over the last few decades, we read:

Thousands of ethicists and bioethicists, as they are called, professionally guide the unthinkable on its passage through the debatable on its way to becoming the justifiable, until it is finally established as the unexceptional.

Puts it pretty well, I think. Then, on the relation of bioethics to the Terri Schiavo case, Leo ums up:

The killing of Schiavo is a scandal successfully redefined as unexceptional and therefore moral.

That's very true, and one of the most disturbing things of all - that this state sanctioned killing of a helpless woman can be viewed by so much of the population of this country as moral. Our society is, to paraphrase Alice in Wonderland, turning upside down and downside up...and it seems with every passing year there are a lot more downsides...


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