Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Scottish Preachers and Theologians - Links

I'm going to start a few blog entries to do with Scotland, and the first is a links thread (which I'll pin soon) on Scottish preachers and theologians, both past and present. Just a single link to start off, but an excellent one:

Scottish Preacher's Hall Of Fame Maintained by Alan Newbie, and Englishman!!, this site has photos, links and sermons from many of Scotland's greatest preachers from the past, from Robert Murray McCheyene, to the Bonar brothers, to Thomas Boston, and a whole host more...spend a lot of time here!

Iain D. Campbell A minister at Back Free Church of Scotland in Stornaway, Dr. Campbell has written an excellent book entitled The Doctrine of Sin. This site contains many of his articles and sermons.

Scottish Preachers This site has links to articles or sermons by several modern and older scottish preachers and theologians, such as John Kennedy, John Knox, Thomas Chalmers, and the excellent Sinclair Ferguson.

More links to come !


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