Friday, March 25, 2005

American Idol - Telling the Truth

Interesting article here at Opinion Journal. Talks about the success of American Idol, and suggests that the following may be the reason:

We live in an age in which being "judgmental" is a social vice; where our vanities are puffed and our lives misled by the moral disengagement of Randy Jackson and self-esteem diet of Paula Abdul. Mr. Cowell's judgments may be stern, but they are sharp, and his stardom attests to the fact that, deep down, Americans still hunger for some unvarnished truths. Funny that it takes a Brit to remind us.

I remember watching the first American Ido back in Scotland (it started in Britain), called Pop Idol, and thinking that Simon was indeed refreshingly honest. It was a big draw. Interesting comment from the article mentioned above, that "deep down, Americans still hunger for some unvarnished truths". I hope it's true. It seems, however, that over the past week or so, the judiciary and the media do not. Had they sought the truth, Terri would still be being fed and not starving to death. I hope the public at large begins to find out the real facts at the basis of this case, and while it seems every more likely it will tragically be too late for Terri and the Schindlers, may it not be too late for the United States...may Terri's lagacy be a step towards a Reformation for a culture of life and not death, and may Americans really be struck with a burden for Truth...


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