Friday, March 25, 2005

Terri's Legacy...

Editorial from Opinion Journal (require's free online subscription) is worth reading:

Democratic Party politics will be affected too; of the 100 House Democrats who made it back to Washington, 47--including nine members of the Congressional Black Caucus--voted for Congress to intervene. Even within their own party, liberals will find it harder to make the argument that the "right to die" is part and parcel of the "right to privacy."

I hope it's right on this point...indeed, the leagacy of Terri Schaivo could be to make the whole right to die issue a whole lot more transparent. I hope and pray her death is not in vain, and that in looking back, with debate and discussion, many good things could result. I do believe it willmake the Republicans have to look harder at the whole nuclear option, and getting rid of the judicial filibuster so misued in Persident Bush's furst term by the Democrats (see Payback Time by Hugh Hewitt) in the most recent WORLD magazine.

See also Joe Belz's column in WORLD, A Solomonic Decision. The last paragraph says it very well:

It could all have been so simple. All it would have taken was a Solomonic decision by any of a dozen judges—all of whom in this case overcomplicated the case before them. One profound difference, of course, was that in Solomon's case, the court saw to it that the baby lived.


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