Monday, March 28, 2005

Pat Sajak Says - Who'd Have Thunk It?

When you think of interesting conservative commentators, the world of Television Game Shows is not where you generally run to...however, having being pointed to an article by World Mag Blog, I went to Pat Sajak's site, and found he does a weekly commentary that is actually quite good!! The most recent is Arguing With Liberals, Why I've Stopped. He notes the irrationality of much of the liberal debate in his conversation with liberal friends (he probably has a few!) Here we have a representatively sane quote, talking of much of the liberal debate (this example based on a friend stating Justice Scalia was worse than the Nazis!):

They tend to do things like accusing members of the Right of sowing the seeds of hatred while, at the same time, comparing them to mass murderers. And they do this while completely missing the irony.

Another quote I liked, speaking of the disdain much of the liberal elite holds for the backward Red States:

It turns out it is superiority, not familiarity, which breeds contempt.

I've found that to be all too true in my university experiences.

In the previous weeks column, Mr. Sajak points to the slant of the liberal media (i.e. the great proportion of it [see, for example, the newest potential fraud, the so called Republican Talking point Memo on the Terri Schiavo Case, which could be a huge embarrassment to ABC who ran with it, Fake But Accurate Again). The column discusses the slanting of the coverage of Terri Schiavo in particular, and in it he makes this very true comment concerning the honesty of the coverage among bloggers more than in the mainstream media:

But don’t these bloggers also have a slanted view of the issues? Of course they do, but, in most cases, they acknowledge it and the consumers can factor in that slant when they read. When you check out something called “The View from the Right”, you know what you’re getting, but when you read The New York Times, you think you’re getting “All the news that’s fit to print”.

It's the same in apologetics, I find...those opposing Christianity, or defending evolution, and so on, and so on, are the sane ones, who by the nature of the beliefs they hold are somehow granted a position of greater rationality and lesser bias than those believing the irrational special creation or resurrection. Christians generally admit their biases more readily than liberals - it's simply true. But that's because liberals believe they have no biases.

For the record, I am a Bible believing Christian, believe that God created me and this world for His pleasure, that He reigns in Heaven and Earth, and that the Word of God is our sure foundation through which to view the world and all in it. Just in case you hadn't got that!

Anyway, never thought I'd be doing this, but go to Pat Sajak's site, and read his commentaries - you'll be pleasantly surprised!!


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