Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Terri's Personhood

Wesley Smith's article on the denial of Terri's personhood by bioethicists, and the implications of such denials...

Also, see Rich Lowry's excellent article on the mumbo-jumbo double-speak surrounding Terri's death. He quotes Felos in one of the most sickening quotes I think I've read in the whole affair:

In all the years I’I've seen Mrs. Schiavo, I've never seen such a look of peace and beauty upon her.

He also has this comment on a supposed expert's comment that nobody is denying Terri of food and water (!?):

This expert's argument is that, since she is in a persistent vegetative state, she has no knowledge of food. By this logic it would be morally acceptable to suffocate her with a pillow since she has no knowledge of air. She could be dropped out of a 15-story window because she has “no knowledge of gravity. She could be shot because she has no knowledge of ballistics.

Can we really put Terri to death on the recommendation of experts such as this?


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