Friday, April 01, 2005

WORLD Magazine on the End of Life at Both Ends of the Spectrum

The most recent edition of WORLD is out, and contains a great deal of good writing on the Terri Schiavo case, abortion, and end of life issues at both ends of the age spectrum.

Terri Schaivo receives the most treatment. After the cover story outlines the issues, the magazine has five articles covering different and trubling aspects of the whole situation.

1. One article discusses the issue of living wills and medical proxies. Noting the way in which hearsay evidence resulted in the death of Terri Schiavo (and theat hearsay from a person with at least conflicted loyalties), the writer suggests that both living wills and the appointment of medical proxies is the only wise way to go for Christians.

2. Joel Belz makes the case (disturbingly well), that all of us have actually become practicing secularists. Noting the attempts made to save Terri's life, he notes that lack of follow-through. Noting ways the case could have gone differently if people had acted differently (not sure I agree with all his suggestions, but the first, that the President had taken a couple of the well-respected doctors who said Terri was not in a PVS and given them a national platform was great), he then notes that while to say we must foster a culture of life is commendable, we are not really living in a culture of life - we need to create one, a far harder task.

3. The vitriol of some commentators and doctors against a supposed religious right responsible for prolonging the case is discussed in this article by Hugh Hewitt.

4. The fourth article Gene Veith discusses what the Christian reaction should be to the whole episode, quoting Shaeffer's response: with "resistance, compassion, hope, and restoration." (He also makes the point that this was never about the right to die - Terri was not dying - it was about the right to kill). From the reactions of some Christians's, this is a must read article.

5. Looking towards the debate that needs to be had (and no doubt now will), a final article discusses the role Oregon plays in all this, as the only state with a law permitting euthanasia, and with the Supreme Court going to rule later this year whether that law violates federal drug policies...the ruling could be a huge step in whether other states follow suit.

At the other end of the spectrum, the magazine has an article on Florida and the abortion rate - 1 in 3 babies aborted last year - and how they are trying to combat the ever growing abortion rate in that State (is it coincidence the courts of that state were so heavily weighed against Terri Schaivo?) Another article tells of the growing number of women who are telling of the awful effects they have suffered as a result of their abortion (also including a disturbing interview with a woman who set up a website for women to record why they are not sorry). A final article details some of the deep-rooted Democratic support of abortion.

The common theme I see in abortion and euthanasia, for thos who are interested to know? -simply that they are two different ways of extinguishing the life of the most defenseless and helpless among us...


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