Friday, April 22, 2005

The Constitutional Option - Hewitt Summarises the Issue

Hugh Hewitt summarises the issue involved in the issue over the filibuster and the judical nominations in the Senate - this is what should be told to the media consistently, he argues:

"There was exactly one refusal to close debate on a judicial nominee in the entire 20th century, and that was a favor to a sitting Supreme Court justice about to be embarrassed by defeat who withdrew his nomination immediately afterwards and resigned soon after because of ethics problems.

Since January, 2003, there have been 20 different refusals to close debate on judicial nominees. This disfigurement of Senate tradition, disguised as the appropriate application of a rule intended for legislative debates, must and will end."

That sums it up as well as anything for me - now lets hope the media report it fairly (not holding my breath...)

For good coverage, go to Hugh Hewitt and ConfirmThem


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