Monday, April 25, 2005

Bible Loving Scotland?

I've heard my homeland affectionately referred to as Bible Loving Scotland, but sadly, if ever true (and it's probably a romanticism version of Scotland at any time - read the books by my former tutor, Callum Brown, who is an excellent historian on religion in Scotland), it certainly isn't so any more. I've blogged on the Scottish Episcopal church, and their willingness to ordain practicing homosexuals, and now I read this article in the Scotsman giving details of a vote by the students at Stirling University to get rid of Gideon's Bibles from student's rooms in halls of residence. This may seem logical in order not to offend students of other faiths, but it certainly doesn't support any image of Scotland as the Land of the Book (another misnomer, I fear, at any time in her history).


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