Friday, June 10, 2005

Do I Really Deserve to be Happy?

Just reading the most recent issue of World Magazine, and an article on unfaithfulness among Christian women had an excellent quote on the whole "right to be happy issue". Often we put our sin down to our right to be happy, in areas such as affairs (my husband/wife isn't satisfying me, but I have a right to happiness, so it's fine to seek it with someone else) and many others. The counselor in the article comments this way, and puts the issue very clearly:

Their number-one excuse is the 'Don't I deserve to be happy?' lie. I'm tough on them. I tell them pretty much what my dad told me: 'You deserve to be happy' is not in the Bible. They actually think it is. I tell them, we're all sinners. You don't want what you really deserve.

That's the reality - we should never cling to our rights, because if we truly wnat justice, then we'll all face the wrath of a pure and hloy God against sin. I, for one, am very happy and thankful that I don't get what I deserve, and that I often get belssings I don't - thank God for mercy and grace.


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