Friday, June 10, 2005

Tory Leadership Contest

The place to go for info on the leadership race for the Conservative Party in the UK is the Conservative Home Leadership Blog. An intersting poll they point to gave the following results:

Ken Clarke - 26% (24%)
David Davis - 11% (20%)
Sir Malcolm Rifkind - 5% (6%)
John Redwood - 4% (5%)
Liam Fox - 3% (6%)
David Cameron - 2% (3%)

Ken Clarke does very well (the bracketed figures are just tory voters, the other figure the general population), and was, they say, ecouraged by the results. Hard to believe the party ould pick him, but it would be a more intersting race if he joined. The pundits say Davies is almost certain, but it is often pointed out, the favourite never wins the Tory leadership race...


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